Montessori Pre-School

At Great Beginnings Montessori School we are pleased to offer 2 licensed classes offering the best of two worlds an E.C.E Emergent program with the enhancements of Physed, Music, French and Library and an introduction to the Montessori Curriculum. Our Pre- Casa class also receives a daily journal on their day and two progress reports during the school year. Our 18 month to age 3 class is limited to 13 students with one Montessori trained teacher and two R.E.C.E teachers.

Our age 3 class (Casa 1) is limited to 16 students with two Montessori Teachers and one R.E.C.E teacher. Our Casa 1 class receives 3 reports cards and two parent interviews throughout the school year.

Please click here to download the complete Handbook Pre-Casa Toddler & Casa 1 2016-2017.doc

Great Beginnings Montessori School

Each of our Montessori classes operates on the principle of freedom within limits. Every program has its own set of ground rules that differ from age to age, but is always based on core Montessori beliefs: respect for each other and the environment.

Children are free to work at their own pace with materials that they have chosen, either alone or with others. The teacher relies on his or her observations of the children to determine which new activities and materials are appropriate to introduce to an individual child, to a small group, or to a large group. The aim is to encourage active, self-directed learning and to strike a balance of individual mastery with small group collaboration within the whole group community. Much of the Grade 1 curriculum is covered in all three casa classes.

Small class sizes allow for a great deal of individual attention.

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