Durham Elementary Private School

D.E.P.S offers a challenging and diversified curricular program. Our dedicated O.C.T qualified Teachers promote both character and skill development within a supportive environment. Our classes are taught at an enrichment level and we follow the Ontario Curriculum. Our students are taught French, Music, Piano and Physical Education by specialized, qualified teachers. At our school we do not let a student's weakness in a subject or strand get "swept under the rug". We encourage and support children to move ahead if they are academically and socially capable.

We assure parents that we have small classes to enable us to meet the needs of each student and every strand is completed. We guarantee 3 fully written report cards and 2 parent/teacher interviews throughout the school year. Our students also receive Canadian Standardized Basic Testing each year and a full report on each child's achievement is attached to their last report card. Our schools do not have P.D. days which is often inconvenient for parents. Our staff meetings, professional development as well as parent/teacher interviews take place after school hours.

DEPS is an academically focussed school which helps students regardless of ability, to attain their personal best. This is achieved through small class sizes and individual attention from caring, dedicated teachers in an environment conducive to learning.

DEPS provides a quality education based on traditional values and morals. Our individual classes provide a quiet, controlled, stimulating environment where each student develops at his/her own pace. This disciplined approach to learning has proven to be very beneficial for all of our students.

DEPS has a mandatory school uniform of which we are justly proud. It has been proven time and again that children behave according to their dress. Behaviour has an impact on learning and it has been our experience that the uniform helps maintain the level of discipline needed for children to do their best.

DEPS' curriculum is based on an enriched Ontario Ministry of Education program. Each year we administer the 「Canadian Test of Basic Skills」 for all students 8 years and over to verify their progress.

We strive to provide:

  • a challenging academic program using the Montessori philosophy and materials (if required)

  • highly qualified, dedicated teachers who offer motivation and encouragement to help students achieve their best

  • small classes providing individual attention that encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • a solid core curriculum of Language Arts (spelling, grammar, literature, writing), Arithmetic, Mathematics, Science, French, Geography, History, Environmental & Cultural Studies

  • the Arts – music (theory and practical) grades 1 and above play the recorder, grade 6 plays the guitar, art (practical and history), choir and drama

  • computer studies (grade 3 and above)

  • physical education & health

  • personal development to promote appreciation of self and others, tolerance, self discipline, esteem, confidence and integrity

  • instruction in conflict resolution, communication, life skills and ethics

Email: Durham Elementary Private School at DEPS@ymail.com

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